Lisk Review – Your Comprehensive Guide To Lisk

Lisk Review – What is Lisk? A public platform pertaining to blockchain featuring numerous blockchain apps is known as Lisk. This is an open source platform where developers can create and publish their own blockchain applications with the sidechains. In early 2016, an announcement regarding this public platform was made, and in May 2016, Lisk was introduced to the developers for the first time. In order to be able to use this open source code, all that a developer needs to do is download the Lisk wallet.

Lisk – What’s The Difference? What’s New?

Lisk Review – What’s the difference between Ethereum and Lisk block chains? In general, Lisk is often compared to that of Ethereum, because both of them work basing on blockchain platform, which allows developers to create their own apps. Both are similar in the sense that Lisk allows developers to create apps by creating a side chain to its blockchain, whereas, Ethereum allows developers to create apps that are decentralized in a virtual machine in its blockchain.

Lisk operates with a goal of making a developer’s life easy by helping them create better decentralized apps. They can be built from the scratch using Java and taking advantage of the Lisk’s unparalleled API’s. Every decentralized app runs on its own in the side chain keeping the core Lisk blockchain safe and secure. Lisk also offers a number of storage options to store all the decentralized apps. Developers have the option of zipping their apps in .zip archive and transfer to other storage locations such as Github or to their intended web server.

How Can One Use Lisk?

Lisk Review – How to use it? Using Lisk is pretty straight-forward. First and foremost, you will have to download the Lisk wallet and launch the app. Lisk currency is also known as Lsk or LSK. It is its main eco-system. Whatever a developer wants to do on Lisk, should be processed through LSK. LSK can be purchased from any cryptocurrency dealer online. The next step is to configure your account.

You can opt for two factor or multi-layer authentication to secure your Lisk account. All the important tools required to develop new apps can be found at Lisk blockchain explorer. Since that everything is now set-up, you can start using Lisk and start creating your new apps. When you are at Lisk, you just don’t interact with the network, instead, you interact with the community which is focused on growing together and making the network a success.

Lisk Review - A Developers Friendly Blockchain

Lisk Tokens – How Do They Work?

A total of 100 million LSK tokens are made available with an option of creating even more through forging (a system similar to mining of the Crypto). Of the total available LSK tokens, the foundation has reserved 8% for itself. For every successful block 5 new LSK tokens are forged during the first year. And for every 3 million successful blocks, one LSK token is reduced, every year and this will gradually end at one LSK per block in 5 years. After which, the forging process stays indefinitely at one LSK per block. The rewards pertaining to the forging will be equally distributed among the top 101 delegates.